Hi.  I’m Hugh Wade.  I established Spire Commercial on December 18, 2009.  After working in the banking industry for several years, I wanted more control over my time and procedures.  I had financed a fair amount of commercial real estate, and figured it was time to move to a different seat at the table.  Confident and also scared at the same time, I ventured out on my own and Spire Commercial Real Estate became a reality.  Not only am I glad and thankful, but proud and lucky it has worked out well.

So, what is Spire Commercial all about, and how can we help you? 


Let me sum it up:


You and I are in this business of commercial real estate to make money.  We share this:  To build wealth.  To build our net worth, to provide for our families, put our kids through school and to fund our retirements. 


We are all real estate investors. 


We are entering into a collaborative, mutually respectful relationship designed for wealth-building through commercial real estate, carried out through individual transactions:  buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate.


Towards that end, my job, and Spire Commercial’s job, is to provide quality representation with integrity.  We do this with superior financial analysis, quality valuations, good written and verbal communication, and dogged persistence. We do this by providing the best marketing materials in the business (quality brochures) quickly, and getting that material broadcast far and wide via the web (this website, the MLS and its syndication partners, Craigslist, and the CCIM national network), and directly to our network of peers and clients. 

Equally as important, we work the phones, our cars and our networks, and sell or find you a property, one person at a time, with individuals who are likely to buy or sell or lease on the other side of your transaction.

In conclusion, my philosophy is that a wise client hires representation because, overall, the representation adds value in profits, efficiency and reduced liability.  Spire Commercial’s job is to add value, or we are useless.   

Here's to success and truly mutually beneficial relationships. Get fired up!


Hugh Wade, CCIM

Broker and Owner

Spire Commercial



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