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Hugh and Ryan vs. ChatGPT

Do you think there is an undersupply, adequate supply, or oversupply of commercial real estate in Anchorage, Alaska?

"Commercial real estate from my sandbox and perspective is undersupplied. This is because we like the industrial shop-warehouse space, and that inventory was built in the 70s and 80s and the demand has only gone up. There is not enough of it, so it’s hard to do industrial commercial transactions because there’s not much to sell."

"Like anything, I think it depends on the asset type. There is currently an oversupply of office space, an undersupply of warehouse, shop, and automotive space; 'The I1 & I2 industrial zoned properties.' There is an undersupply to adequate supply, depending on the season, for retail and hospitality properties (there are a few hotels that are being built.) Undersupply of multi-family properties. I hear it all the time from people, I need shop space, warehouse space, and storage space. Maybe they need land or space for their automotive business. Either there are no sellers or the spaces just do not exist. Some landlords are unwilling to lease for this use. So, the short answer is, it depends on the zoning or asset type."

I don't have real-time data, and my last knowledge update was in January 2022, so I cannot provide the current status of the commercial real estate market in Anchorage, Alaska. Real estate markets can change over time due to various factors, including economic conditions, population growth, and local development initiatives.

To determine whether there is an undersupply, adequate supply, or oversupply of commercial real estate in Anchorage, Alaska, it would be best to consult recent reports and analyses from local real estate agencies, government sources, or industry experts. They can provide up-to-date information on market trends, vacancy rates, and other relevant factors influencing the commercial real estate landscape in Anchorage.


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