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Market Movements with Hugh Wade Owner/Broker - Spire Commercial Real Estate - July 2023

What Hugh is Seeing Right Now:

We see stuff that is new and developing, and we see trends that happen seasonally every year. So, new stuff, and the same old same, same old human behavior, depending on where we are at in the year.

Right now, we are seeing a real pick-up in leasing activity. People who have outgrown their space. Success stories. Start-ups. A sense of urgency. The people who are ahead of the normal trend that happens when school starts, and thoughts of the State Fair, termination dust, and snow tires become real and rushed.

Here are the transactions that have progressed nicely over the last 3-4 weeks. (Ryan has mostly been killing it on the majority of these):

  • Church lease (Landlord)

  • Art studio/ classroom (Tenant)

  • Remote power generation (Tenant)

  • Auto repair shop (Tenant)

  • Wine import business (Tenant)

  • Medical Office Space (Landlord)

  • Raw Land in Houston (Seller)

  • Commercial Condo (I-1 Light Industrial) (Seller)



Spire Commercial Real Estate


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