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The Alternative to Failure

The Other Side of the Coin.

For those of you who are monthly readers, you’ll know last month I wrote about failure. For those of you who don’t read monthly (shame on you haha) or those who are new, the quick synopsis is I was representing a Tenant for over a year and found out they moved into a new shop by seeing it on Facebook. No call, no heads-up, no “thanks for all your effort.”

This month, I’m writing about the other side of the coin, the successes.

I’ve been at Spire Commercial for almost five years now, and in that time, I’ve been fortunate to have worn many different hats: researcher, analyst, admin, marketer, advertiser, broker, agent, manager, partner, tenant rep, landlord rep, buyers rep, seller rep, business broker, special projects coordinator, and more, just to name a few.

To date, I have been involved in $29,091,639 of transaction value (which is the total property value of sold properties and the gross lease amounts of negotiated lease agreements) over a total of 42 commercial transactions (building sales and lease agreements). Furthermore, I have gone from an unlicensed assistant to, a 50% business partner in the firm Spire Commercial Real Estate.

Here are some examples of transactions I have negotiated on behalf of my clients:

(These are transactions from just 2023 alone)

  • Skylar Travel - Mandarin Speaking Chinese Tourism - Leased Space

  • MC Properties LLC - Medical Office Building - Leasing of Medical Suites and ongoing sale effort of the investor-grade building

  • Entrepreneur Jin Chen - Planeket - Leased Space

  • Aniel Ramos - Laundromat Operator - Sale of Raw Land in Big Lake to an out-of-state- investor so that Mr. Ramos could expand the offering at his laundromat (take out restaurant portion)

  • The Art Lounge AK - Darcel Daigh - Comprehensive search and several negotiations, eventually landing a leased space off of Dimond Boulevard

  • Gail Galleher, Estate of Frank Flavin - Sold Commercial Condo, former occupied by Flavin Photography

  • 49th State Power - Power Generation (rural, challenging environments) - Leased Space

  • Howard Bellew Imports - Attorney Ben Dresner - Wine Importer - Leased Space

  • Arctic Spas - Edmonton-based manufacturer and seller of hot tubs - Building Purchase and ongoing landlord rep for auxiliary suites

  • Music Man - Karl Pasch - Landlord Rep, Space Leased

  • Northwest Designs Ink - Seattle-based and Ukrainian owned & operated garment manufacturer - event-based - national company - Building Purchased on Jewel Lake Road

  • JLJ Properties, Inc. - Lease and then Sale of Family-held Building at Old Seward and Dowling to a mechanic owner-operator (Elliott Leighton), whose previous place of business had burned down.

In years previous, I was involved in several other notable transactions, such as the sale of the Best Western Golden Lion to the Muni, Visit Anchorage’s purchase of the former Allure Building, the sale of the liquor license for the former Fly By Nite nightclub, Selling the Keller Custom Photo Lab building, selling the City of Homer leased land on the Homer Spit on behalf of a local financial institution, representing Alaska Behavioral Health on the purchase of three buildings and ending up managing one of them, assisting Attorney Robert Stone to purchase the land to develop his beautiful new building for his law practice downtown, representing the owners of Kami Ramen in purchasing their Spenard Restaurant, and helping Tester Drilling sell their long-time building in South Anchorage.

I would like to mention that this is weird! I never like talking about my wins. In my previous life as a hockey player, I was coached and conditioned to be humble, hard-working, and, frankly, boring. But we all have to make a living, and I can’t do this job in isolation so I’m getting better about talking about myself and sharing my successes with the world. It’s still a work in progress.

One of the beauties of the career, however, is that you’re always learning, always seeing new things, and always testing your comfort zone. I’m motivated and excited by the current transactions we are working on and the clients we get to work with. The hunger to take on more and work even harder is always there, give me a ring or lets sit down for coffee/lunch and talk about how we can work together.

Keep your stick on the ice!



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